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As pioneers in hospitality advisory services, BBG-Consulting is Germany’s oldest and leading consulting firm for hotels, restaurants, and catering organizations. More than 50 years of experience with over 9,000 advisory and design projects, as well as a profound network to all industry participants have made BBG-Consulting an established industry expert of valuable assets. We are a respected partner for investors, developers, architects, financial institutions, and operators.

BBG-Consulting offers a strong foundation for making the right decisions, whether they relate to design, financial or general aspects of hospitality investments. We accompany investments from the first draft to their successful market launch. 

It is the distinct interdisciplinary combination of business economics, operational experience, and advanced design-know-how which enables us to turn innovative concepts into efficient and profitable solutions without the usual interface losses.


✓ Market & Competition Analysis

✓ Feasibility Studies

✓ Due Diligence – Plausibility Checks

✓ Conceptual Development of Profit Centers

✓ Strategy & Positioning

✓ Profitability Analysis

✓ Corporate Finance

✓ Lease Reviews & Negotiations

✓ Appraisals & Expert Opinions

✓ Marketing Concepts & Marketing Plans

✓ Tourism Surveys

✓ Business, SWOT- & Potential Analysis

✓ Workflow Organization & Optimization of Operational Processes

✓ Restructuring & Redesign

✓ Coaching / Continuous Expert Advise

✓ Evaluation & Outsourcing


BBG-Design delivers the technical, organizational, and design requirements for the realization of ambitious economic goals while achieving sustainable competitiveness and value enhancement. Our design does not copy already established workflows. Instead, we apply functionality and innovative technology to achieve lean staff requirements for higher productivity and profit. The key aspect of this approach is a sensitive utilization of human capital because it is considered the most valuable resource with an economically strong leverage potential.

Our approach is facilitated by our long-time expertise in the fields of benchmarking, work organization, technical equipment and a 10-year research project for fundamental and technological data within the hotel- and foodservice industry, assigned by the Federal Ministry for Education, Research and Technology (BMBFT).

BBG-Design stands for an interdisciplinary and holistic approach, reaching from economic efficiency at all design service levels to turnkey solutions. We understand that state-of-the-art technology is an integral design element and an instrument of innovative solutions. Investments planned for a span of 20 years, and affecting labor costs over that time horizon, require an anticipatory design. Accordingly, BBG-Design does not only meet highest demands toward state-of-the-art technology and functionality but stands for long-term economic viability.


✓ Monitoring and Strategic Control

✓ Restructuring & Interim Management

✓ Building of Strategic Alliances

✓ Investor Targeting

✓ Operator Search & Selection

While the hospitality industry is often classified as volatile, multiple examples prove the exact opposite. As a typical operator-run property, the asset’s value is driven by its net operating income and the operator’s quality respectively.

Specifically, the hotel market is characterized by displacement effects. This kind of market environment does not only require a competitive product appearance but also a lean cost structure, especially driven by labor costs. Our advisory approach complies with these demanding requirements of an asset’s value enhancement by focusing on rationalization and strategic alignment.

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