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The 1CONIC Healthcare team are experts in the planning and design of Hospital, Aged Care and Lifestyle Living facilities globally.

Our demonstrated experience and capability

Team members have worked with governments and private operators for over 50 years providing advice on the delivery of food and support services to residents, patients, staff and visitors for healthcare and aged care developments from small residential aged care and specialist hospitals to facilities delivering over 20,000 meals a day. Clients include the new latest state of the art Singapore General Hospital, the Singapore Alexandra Group, St John of God Healthcare, Maxim’s Catering Services, Serco,  Hong Kong Hospital Authority, Australian State Healthcare Departments, Southern Cross Care and Amana Living to name a few.

The 1CONIC team has many years’ experience in the design of Central Production Units (CPU’s) providing chilled and frozen meals for multi-unit sites have been designed for the production and delivery of over 100,000 meals a week. The co-ordination of the design of the receptor kitchens has enabled significant quality and cost benefits to operators and owners alike.

Our design philosophy

The 1CONIC team apply a Patient and Resident centred design approach to the development of new facilities that takes into consideration not only the cultural and ethnic needs but also the particular care needs of the residents and patients. Through this experience and the continuous research and development of most up to date systems and equipment, the team is able to deliver long term future proof facilities.

Our point of difference

The 1CONIC team commitment to excellence is evident with the best use of available technologies for the continuous improvement of quality and performance with the implementation of systems such as:

✓ Digital HACCP monitoring and traceability systems into the internal foodservice meal delivery supply chain,
✓ Both fresh cook and cook chill systems as well as hybrid and room service models of ‘on demand’ meal delivery,
✓ Continuous hot fill technology,
✓ Vacuum chilling systems,
✓ Waste handling and dehydration systems,
✓ Materials handling and storage systems to the benefit of future kitchen operations,
✓ Secondary refrigeration systems,
✓ RFID tracking,
✓ Electrolysed water cleaning and sanitising which deliver both hygiene and cost benefits, and
✓ The use of UV-C for the control of pathogens and bacteria even before the current SARS-CoV-2 epidemic has shown the benefit of its use, and
✓ Continuous research and investigation into robotics and automation for the delivery of large-scale healthcare catering facilities and networks.


Our services include but are not limited to the following:

✓ Food Service Feasibility analyses-
✓ Master planning—spatial allocation and best use of facilities,
✓ Operational and design programming,
✓ Food production processes.
✓ Full scope design from conceptual design through construction administration services in AutoCAD or BIM/Revit platform,
✓ Foodservice operational audits,
✓ Food Safety /HACCP audits,
✓ Menu Management,
✓ Cost control,
✓ Process engineering,
✓ Introducing latest technologies,
✓ Sustainable and environmentally friendly design,
✓ Integration with Building Management Systems (BMS), and
✓ Development of operating systems and design briefs to the complete design, documentation and delivery of turnkey foodservice facilities projects including operations start-up and training.


We welcome the opportunity to serve you and to demonstrate why we at 1CONIC have developed a worldwide reputation for professionalism, quality, and timely provision of services at fair rates. Please contact our office in your local area or region as noted within this website for further information. We stand by ready to create an iconic facility for you as we have done for hundreds of other clients over many years!

› Contact us now for an obligation free introduction, we here to add value and success to your next project.

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